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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Dynamic Infinity Network ~ Guiding you to your Success!

Are you a manufacturer, SME entrepreneur or business company owner wanting to see your business grow and its productivity rates soar and bring you the huge profits you want?

What have you provided to ensure such growth and have you prepared the foundation for your company to progress to the next level?

Is your production stagnating or even worse deteriorating? Each and every company or business will eventually hit that invincible barrier that requires fundamental changes to the very core of your business.

To make such changes, you need to engage the right person to help you realign your company's production team to achieve all that! 

Let me introduce you to Kamarudin Mohamed Nordin, a highly qualified mechanical and manufacturing engineering professional who is now offering his Process and Business Practices Improvement Consultancy Services to help you succeed through his Dynamic Infinity Network.

Kamarudin Mohamed Nordin is a Process and Business Practices Improvement Consultant who is helping manufacturing companies and SMEs to develop, enhance, upgrade, streamline and implement the state of the art quality management systems as well as conducting quality audits in diverse oil & gas, automotive, and electronic industries.

As a result oriented and qualified mechanical and manufacturing engineering professional with an MBA, Kamarudin offers 20 over year’s of experience largely in the domain of developing and implementing quality management systems as well as conducting quality audits in diverse oil & gas, automotive, and electronic industries. As such he can oversee assigned tasks in challenging environments and meet the set objectives

With tremendous amount of success in all aspects, Kamarudin offers his vast knowledge & expertise to confidently manage tasks in a cost effective way

Among other tasks, he can prove to be invaluable for any manufacturing or business company keeping in mind his ability to leverage experience and benchmark exercises to best practices while conforming to the company's quality standards.

Kamarudin is dedicated to the principles of quality, dedication and continuous improvements. His resume highlights how his experience and skills can effectively contribute substantially to any organisation's success. 

He would prove to be a valuable asset to those who need his expertise in bringing about a marked difference to any company's productivity and success.

Amongst his satisfied clients are:
A Cosmetics Manufacturer [Training photos shown below]

Every Training session with Dynamic Infinity Network is surely a joyful session because of the dynamism of Kamarudin Mohamed Nordin who is naturally a very down to earth fun guy to be with!

A High School [Training photos below]

A Bakery, Manufacturing & Retailing Company [Training photos] below:

A Hairdressing Franchiser [Training photos below]:

A Home & Office Specialized Food Catering & Delivery Service [KL & Selangor]

Every Training session with Mr. Kamarudin Mohamed Nordin is a fun event where the participants would be very satisfied with his training methods and they end up gaining much needed new skills and a renewed zest to do better than before and excel in their work bringing about a productive atmosphere to their company.

The end result will be that through teamwork they strive ; higher productivity, their company's business will thrive!

After all, that's the objective of every company that does business, isn't it?

To make money the proven way where both employees and employer are equally satisfied and everybody's laughing all the way to their bank. 

Nothing moves unless we do. You started your business to make money. Don't hesitate to kick start your company back to where it should be. In the black with higher productivity.

Dynamic Infinity Network can help you achieve just that. Call me now at +60173456769 to make an appointment. 

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